I woke up to an email from Wendy Lee who has been in Ghana with the group from Cooper  since May 18.  She writes, “we’ve all had various bouts of illness”, which I take to mean of the digestive variety. She recommends that I pack oral rehydration salts.

One thing is certain.  I’m going to lose tons of weight on this trip — because I’m going to eat as little local food as possible.   In addition to the normal precautions (no salads, cold food, ice, etc.), I’m avoiding everything questionable — all meat, dairy, juice, street food and stuff that looks funny.   I have absolutely no desire to spend a disproportionate amount of my vacation in a rural outhouse.

On the bright side, I’m hoping to lose the 10 pounds I’ve gained since my wedding day two years ago.  I know I’ll lose a few pounds simply from being away from my gourmet chef husband.   I can do this.  I’ve stocked my pack with beef jerky, trail mix, bluegreen algae powder and high protein Cliff Bars.  In Nepal, Pam and I trekked for 9 days sustained by Powerbars, Cokes, beer and a few daily forkfuls of lentils and rice.   I lost 8 pounds quickly.  I’m going back to Trader Joe’s for more snacks, and then to the drug store to buy oral rehydration salts.