Day 3: Departing Tamale for Mole National Park.  I’ve been trying for two days to get my Blackberry to accept my new SIM card so I can use my phone here.  One final attempt… We go to the MTM shop (the local cell phone provider) and ask them to try.   They can’t get it unlocked either.  I resign myself to buying a cheap Nokia.  Next stop, an Internet café.  There is no air conditioning; the connection is slower than slow and with the music blasting, I can’t think.  I give up on the notion of real time blogging and resign myself to journaling.  Insult to injury: Facebook doesn’t recognize the network I’m on and locks me out.

We get to the bus station super early to buy tickets for the trip to Mole National Park sell out as we here they often sell out.  With all our luggage in tow we are not especially mobile.  It’s very hot, very humid and so I just camp out on a bench and take in my surroundings.  This is where I took the photo to the left. The bus depot/marketplace is packed with people everywhere selling stuff and waiting.

NOT to my surprise, the bus is close to an hour late.  The station is chaotic and it takes some time to find the Mole bus as parking is a bit haphazard.  It’s a frenzy competition to store our luggage and board the bus, plus we are standing in the blazing sun.  Finally aboard the bus, we are packed like sardines and there is no air-conditioning or circulation.   It’s like a sauna.  Make matters worst, our seats 56 and 57 are not next to each other.  Pam seat is in the back the bus and I’m several rows up.  Pam is not happy.  She says something about “hating this” and wanting to leave NOW.  I try to persuade her that seeing the Elephants in Mole will make this all worthwhile.  It’s a most uncomfortable, sweaty six hour ride.  The best part of which was getting to know Joseph, the 18 year old kid next to me whose father is a park ranger at Mole.