dressmaker in Jirapa

I didn’t have to go far to find a seamstress.  I just walked down the main road in Jirapa and found 20 or so store fronts with women sitting around with hand cranked sewing machines.  It’s common for Ghanaian women and men to have their clothes made.  Making and selling Ghanaian-made fabric and imported fabric (mostly from China, Holland, England and Togo) is common way people make a living.  You walk in to a road side stall and there are various pictures of dress styles to choose from.  You hand over your fabric and select a design and can have a dress finished in 1-2 days.  The going price for having a skirt made is about US $2; $3 for a dress. Given that it can take a full day to make a dress, I began to understand the challenge of making a living for the women I met.

two dressmakers