Genice Jacobs Simenauer is a Silicon Valley high-tech recruiter and mom with a passion for social business.  She is volunteering her time to develop SociaLite as a sustainable enterprise for rural entrepreneurs.  She is establishing partnerships for SociaLite with energy lending experts, advisory groups and funding partners in the U.S. and West Africa.

Professor Toby Cumberbatch and students from The Cooper Union in New York City are the inventors of SociaLite.  The self-assembly solar lighting system started as an engineering class project in 2006.  The project has received grants from the National Science Foundation, The Environmental Protection Agency, the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance and donations from individuals and corporations.  Volunteers are launching SociaLite as a social business venture for the benefit of the poor and are testing models for worldwide commercialization.

Toby Cumberbatch has taught at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art since 1994. Based in the Electrical Engineering Department, he founded the Center for Sustainable Engineering, Art and Architecture Materials, and Manufacturing and Minimalism (SEA2M3) to bring students from the three schools together to develop sustainable solutions to the problems facing those in remote regions of the developing world. Each summer a group of students from the Schools of Art, Architecture and Engineering spends at least two months in Northern Ghana, working with students and communities on the projects described. In addition, Dr. Cumberbatch has strong links with universities and communities in Rwanda, Kenya and Burundi.

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